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Me and my own

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My name is Chauncey. I am 20 and female. I go to school for graphic design. I am working on learning how to do bodywork and paint cars(I'm about to ech classes on it).

Right now I drive a '97 5series BMW. My fiance has a 95' Supra.

As far as mods go, I am looking for a run down MR2 which I'm going to convert to a turbo or get a turbo and give it a bigger one. I'm going to do a lot of astetich work. My goal is to have a showquality second gen MR2 that makes at least 350 wheel horsepower.


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welcome to TN. nice ass and headlights

on the supra of course:rolleyes:
Wow. A 5 series, a supra and a wanted MR2. That is awesome. :thumbup:
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