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Me/Mines/Mods... Nissan convert

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My name is Ranex (real name: Doug). You might remember me from such online communities as the Nissanforums, Ultima Online (years ago) and Nationstates.

I used to own the 1987 sports car of the year, but I upgraded to a 1990 Corolla SR5 with a 5 speed tranny. Why? Because my old car was a 3 speed automatic with 70 horsepower and I needed a car that was better on the highways now that I have a 22 kilometre (90% highway) drive to work.

What was that 1987 sports car of the year you might ask? A Nissan Pulsar. Although technically being the XE model it was not the sports car of the year. And that was awarded by the Automobile Journalist Association of Canada. Yes, I am proudly Canadian.

But don't get me wrong, as of now I am still favouring Nissan over Toyota and I am more familiar with their cars. But now that I have a Toyota, I am more than willing to expand my views on car makers.

I am a bigger name in some areas of the Nissanforums as I have been around since 3 months after its inception. I know forums well enough to know that I will not be a problem here. I know of cars, but I don't know Toyotas or my Corolla that well. I bought it because it was the first good condition cheaper car that appeared.

Ironically enough though, I work at a Toyota Dealership.

I have no plans for engine mods, I am not into racing or going fast. I enjoy driving for the sake of driving. I will however be upgrading the stock sterio. The deck and speakers I had in the Pulsar were sold with the car because getting the aft speakers in and out was a complete PAIN IN THE ARSE in that car. A process which involved 2 days of work gutting the boot of the car.

.... have I satisfyed the me/mines/mods requirments yet?

One final note... if I stick around, I might park myself in the Off Topic section. If I do, remind me that I could be of help in the Corolla or audio forums.
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welcome to TN:D

congrats on the new rolla, it looks like its in awsome shape. Off Topic is.....and interesting experience to say the least. look back to some of the older posts, im sure youll have a hoot.

only a 20 min commute and you live in surrey? thats pretty good, i was down there workin in the summer and it takes forever to get anywhere
I live right off of 64th near the delta border, so I'm less than a 10 minute drive from the Alex Fraser bridge. Once I make it past the bridge, it's smooth sailing to the Richmond Auto mall, I work at Open Road Toyota.

Yeah, the body and Interior are in great shape. Engine has high kms (290,000) but it was all highway because the last owner, who worked with my dad, lived in Maple Ridge and worked on Annasis Island. Also was an Insturment Mechanic and thus mechanically inclides and took care of the engine. :)

More pics:

(MS Painted in the Nissan, 'cause I'm still a Nissan addict at heart)

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ya i heard the alex frasier can be a whore and a half to get across at times. what do you do at the dealership? i know a guy pretty high up at toyota credit in richmond there.
Lot person / Detailer. I clean the cars we sell. :)

I skipped the McD's type of job and went for the full time car goodness.
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