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I am an 18 year old college student in West Virginia. I was raised by a toyota family (seems to be a trend on this site) and laugh at those who still drive american made vehicles. In all, we have had 8 toyota vehicles that i can think of. As of now, we have a 96 Camry wagon, 94 'Truck', and within the last few days traded off our 2003 Tundra for a 2004 4-Runner.
I am a scorpio, like candle lit dinners and long walks on the beach... wait... thats not it

Actually, this is one of the reasons i joined this site. Im in the market for a car. I know i want a toyota but not sure which way to go. ill post something about it later.
I havnt had a chance to look at many of the modded camrys and corollas here yet, so im gonna go start cruisin around. Thanks to the guys that run this site, its nice to know theres other Toyota freaks out there... feels like im home.

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welcome to TN
here are some names you'll get to see alot of that own hooked up camry's:
me:D ,ratko,tony the tiger, wraith, phi, rapeacivic(he'll be selling his soon),drtysthv6, brink, wonton, and i know there are more i just can't remember

edit:how can i forget the amazing nate,ekam, bluemeanie, and ufoz8mycow
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