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More of a lurker than poster. But I do post on occasion for technical questions, searching for stuff to buy, and selling stuff I have.

Located in Vancouver, BC Canada

Cars owned:

1968 Ford Mustang Coupe 289 (restoration project - selling)
1986 Toyota Corolla GTS (throwing good money after bad to keep it running)
1992 Integra LS (my most pampered baby - sister totalled it)
1999 Toyota 4Runner (current daily driver)

I've rebuilt the transmission, new brake drums, new paint job, new oem seat covers. Stored for 2 years, now the engine/carburator is acting up. Probably going to sell it.

Corolla Hatchback:
Too much work put into it just to keep it running, plus some mods. Hey, what do you expect, no pain - no gain...because you want to gain, more pain. Aftermarket parts cost more than the car. Geez go figure.

Integra LS 2 Door Hatch: This car was imo the best kept integra in the world. Confident to say that it was so immaculate that it'd rival many of the newer cars too. No wierd aftermarket mods, all factory mods. If Honda/Acura ever saw it, they'd probably use it as a display piece. Heh. But alas, my sister took it out one rainy night, and was t-bone by some retard speeder. (Serves me right for pampering this car and losing it in one fell swoop)
HONDA - Had One Never Did Again

4 Runner:
Wanted to do all sorts of mods. Wanted to buy a TRD Supercharger, and Transmission Oil Cooler, wanted lots of stuff. Bought TRD Headers, TRD Catback Exhaust. Then realized this is a bloody truck dude, gave up on it. TRD Exhaust/Header still sitting in my garage.

Let's concentrate on my money pit shall we?


Crzy Joe
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