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Me ,myself, My Camry

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Name: VISHAM aka. KraZ
Age: 20
Car: 2004 Toyota Camry LE
Mods: Rims and Audio/ Video that's it.
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Welcome to TN! Have any pics of your setup? Is this your first car?
Welcome to TN! Show us sum pix when ya get a chance!!! I love tha Gen 5's, check out my Gen 4!
2k4CamThrilla, you live in poukeepsie? Damn, my parents live in wappingers. I'm in westchester for school, but i go up on the weekends. maybe we can meet up.

BTW, welcome and post pics me at [email protected] This is my second car, my 89' AWD Ford Tempo crapped out on me..My pops bought me the 04' Cam for a late Xmas gift....I have warranties on the car still and i don't wanna touch anything that can void the Warranty.
finally got pics of my whip
WElcome to TN... I live in NJ so I'm not that far ... maybe we could meet up sometime as well
nice, yea come to meet sometime were all good semi normal people
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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