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I have a 94 Toyota Corolla I bought from someone 6 months ago.


1.) I noticed that my battery light was intermittently coming on and off, and I never paid attention to it. Well my alternator went out on me, and I ended up replacing the alternator and battery today. Now the battery light is constantly on, but I am getting a good charge from the alternator to the battery. Is ther some type of reset sequence I have to do?

2.) Also, my speedometer and odometer do not work. The person I bought the car from said she took it to a Toyota dealership and they told her it would be a $1000 to fix, becasue it was a computer problem. Could this be a problem with the ECU?, if so Where is the ECU located? I have a replacement but don't know where it's at.

Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks
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