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At my last visit to the Toyota dealership some one saw my car and asked the owner what it was. He then started to talk about how he once had a Corolla GT-S and how they were such a great car. He said the best part about them was you could buy them for $11,000 new and destroy BMWs!?! He never specified what kind of racing he did though.

Was the Corolla GT-S really faster then BMWs in the 80's? If so that's just crazy!
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Sure dude, he just drifted right by while those german boats were held back on the corner with their heavy engines:D :thumbup:
Tofu never loses!!

But seriously various early 80's BMWs like the 320i aren't very fast. Still a stock GT-S runs like a 17 or 18 in the 1/4 so it would have to be very very slow unless he was talking about road racing...:confused:
Haha... yes... Corolla is quite fast dont think it is a slow are although only 1.6...
My friend tried to chase a Proton(Our Malaysian National Car) 2.0 before. He is Driving a Japanese Version Levin 1.6 Manual, He was able to trail at the back all the time but he don't have the guts to overtake coz the road is dangerous...

I just got my Japanese Version 1.5 Auto Engine and new set of springs and adsober fit into my car last week... Tried to trail some 1.6 or higher cars... Successful... :D
But yesterday could not follow a 1.6 car cause of Traffic, damn!!!
That guy was very snooblish, driving a Proton 1.6 (WAJA New model)... :mad:
I can trail him at 1st although i haven't full push to the limit...
I dare not push too hard because i haven take the car to get authority inspection and change my enigne no. at the registeration card... If i crash no Insurance... :(

Toyota Corolla is good man High Reliablility.... :)
Enjoy Driving
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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