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Memphis Audio

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Anybody using Memphis Audio speakers or other products? Thinking about these to replace the factory jobs in my '06 Taco.

They say these are a good choice to run with a factory head unit, which is what I plan to do. But, would they sound better if I added a small amp?



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adding a good amp will always make things sound better if tuned correctly

however, if you are going to get an amp...go ahead and spend a little more on the speakers and get components

check around the 05 tacoma forum...lots of people have done stuff to upgrade their systems

it ranges from simple speaker replacement to serious modification high end systems

check the stickys lots of good DIY information
I have those speakers in the doors of my 96 Cam. They are deck powered (Pioneer P770). They sound "OK". They aren't audiophile quality, certianly not, but they are quite a bit better sounding than stock. I have stock 6x9s in the rear deck right now, and changing the fade from +15 to -15, you can definitely tell the difference between stock and factory.

Like above, an amp will always help your situation. And if you have the cash, go for the M Class components by Memphis, not the PRs.

My opinion if ur going aftermarket might as well go all the way,been there- done that.If u change speakers either add a amp or swap out the HU for aftermarket,then u'll hear the difference.As for Memphis I dont know how their speakers sound but the sound processing(amps/x-overs) are suppose to be top notch.
I have the 6x9's in back powered buy a head unit. They sound better than the Pioneers they replaced (which cost more).
I like Memphis, but I would also recommend saving up for better stuff. i.e. decent 2ch amp and comp. set. Do you have your front doors deadend? That would be the first thing to do.
Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I think I will go look at the M-class speaks. And I'm now leaning towards a small amp. No sound deadening just yet, but that will happen in the spring, when it warms up a bit.

Thanks again!

My friend has a Memphis amp (50x4) and M series comps. in front. They sound good.
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