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mesh in grill??

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i have an 89 rolla LE "loaded" and i was wondering if anyone knows if cutting out the lines in the grill and putting in a bug screen type of mesh (cheaper) would look just as good ad the regular "expensive mesh"????
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"expensive mesh"? do you mean gutter grating?
just get one of those foo-foo "Jspec" grilles from ebay. they probably have 'em to fit your car.

go to Home Depot or a similar hardware store, and get gutter mesh.. it's cheaper, and it's basically the same stuff.
Gutter mesh :thumbup: :thumbup:

Don't forget the zip ties (or twisty ties).
boro, much? :lol:
or you can go high-end a get the $$$ Folia-Tec :hammer: yeah, just get some from Home Depot/Rona, and you're set. you'll even have leftovers to share with your friends :thumbup:
Get metal gutter guard in a sheet. I've heard that some people use bondo to stick it to the car/grill. You can also hammer it so it's flat - it's more noticeable that way because if you don't it looks like it's black. I personally like the black look.
Make sure you get gutter mesh made from stainless or galvanized steel so it won't rust. Most gutter mesh is galvanized, but double check.
thanks a lot fella's i got 2 strips of mesh at KENT for $5 !!!!!! lovin' it now i just need a TRD emblem for it and it will be set!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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