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Metal Oil Filter Housing- Does it exist?

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I changed the oil myself for the first time on my wife’s 2014 Corolla S.
I definitely had a bad case of the stuck filter housing-itis.
It seemed that part of the problem was that the housing is made of plastic and gets easily over tightened.
Does anyone know if an aftermarket metal housing exists for those? Seems to me it would be a lot easier to remove with a metal housing.

A brief search on the Internet did not show me anything.

Thanks in advance.
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I know there is one for most Toyota's. Keep looking.
Dodger, regardless of the housing material it will always be dificult to remove, but not for the reasons you think. First off, the housings, whether metal or plastic simply cannot be over tightened. I know it sounds like bunk and that Toyota states a torque figure for it, but in the end the housing is screwed down and the first thing to stop motion is the housing flats seating themselves against the mating surface. It should be tightened until the housing bottoms out. After that, it can go no further or get any tighter. Here are some tips to make removal easier next time. 1) get the appropriate wrench, one made of cast metal WITH the cut outs that accommodate the tabs on the housing. 2) make sure to relube the threaded surfaces and new gasket before you screw it back on. The tendency is to wipe the housing clean before reinstall. It will be tight to go on, tight to come off, but with the proper wrench (and lube) it will come off every single time. Again, some of you will debate this, but that housing cannot be over tightened. It bottoms out and that is as far as it can go.
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Why not just do the cathridge to spin on oil filter conversion?

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the conversion certainly is one way to go, but really? changing the oil filter element vice changing a spin on oil filter takes about the same amount of time. Maybe a tad longer for the cartridge, but certainly not long at all. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. if you're dead set on having a spin on filter then convert, otherwise with the right tool and technique it's foolproof.
i switched mine over to a spin on filter using the toyota bracket in Dec 2019.
this site i believe has the information you want
item #20 on this shows the pictures of it. its like 90bucks for the filter bracket, o-rings, and thread adapter.
i have the socket for the cartridge, but it wouldn't fit on the corrola and i still have the old filter in the housing because i couldn't get the plastic cap off. now i'm just using the spinon filter that has been used since 2004 on corollas, prius, echo, yaris, matrix, and 2017-2018 iM and corollas
I did the conversion to a spin on oil filter 3 years ago. It was simple, quick and easy. Here are the new parts.

Here is the old cartridge type next to the spin on part.

New part on. It took but 15 minutes to do.
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