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metal or paper kind of gaskrt for intake and exhaust?

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i got a rebuild kit, and it came with the paper/cardboard kind of thing type gasket. but my factory gaskets are metal.. should i just use the metal again?? or the new ones???

btw, i have a 93 camry 5sfe.
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You can reuse the metal gasket for the exhaust manifold.

I think the intake manifold uses a composite (paper/cardboard/whatever) type gasket.
ok, i'll use the metal exhaust, and the composite intake. i was just wondering because i have a pair of both.
so for the exhaust pipe gasket....which one is better? metal or paper/carboard one?

pictures of metal and papaer/cardboard exhaust gasket: Gasket&category=H&dp=true

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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