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Midwest Meet (Solo II event)

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Coming up next month there is going to be a Solo II in La Crosse, WI. I'm looking to see who would be in for coming. Anyone in a quad-state area should try and make it. And keep in mind, you won't be the only ones making the drive. It's a 3 hour drive for myself, and I'm the closest person to it. But trust me, it's worth the drive everytime.

The race is the Octoberfest Solo II. It will be at the La Crosse Speedway on the 26th of Sept. This is a NASCAR track so there is a bank, which makes it very interesting :D

The area used is the outter circle, along with the short track you can see on the left side. The tracks usually have a hair-pin to bring you back through the short track. The bank adds and interesting challange to making gates and still being able to turn in time. The tracks tend to be 70 second tracks. The fastest runners can do them in 60 second.

So far Ne0z31, bowlofturtle, Siver_Cartel, and myself are going. We're still waiting to hear from brink if he can get the time off:rolleyes:

Hopefully a few more of you can make it.

*And if there is anyone in IN that wants to come, whore up brinks PM about a convoy. Maybe he'll get his act together then ;)

If anyone is interested in extending the meet, they have free camping on the fairgrounds (I camped the first time I went there). We could all meet down there the night before and hang out. There is a pretty good go-kart track near by. Colin (Siver_Cartel) and I had some fun drifting the carts last time we were down there :D We could make it a two day thing. Save everyone the early morning drive.

Hope some more people can make it :)
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I'm here to support! I won't have a car, but I'll be riding down with Mikey (sorry... Mike). We went there in July and had a great time. Messed around "downtown" and then spent the night at the track. The course was awesome, and I took 4th out of 8 in our class (even though I was classed wrong :D ) Anyways, I'll school you all in go-karts, I'll take mad pictures at autocross, and if anyone wants to let me drive their car I'll bring it back in one piece :thumbup:
Hell yeah, I'll deff be there, i'll try and extend my day off to 2 days (or just stay really damned late) But I'll be there. Hopefully my car will be running correctly by then
hrm... 6.5 hour drigve huh? How many runs do you think we'll get altogether? It definitely looks intereting ;)
We had a crowd of over 60 people and everyone got 6 runs. Including endless parade laps (which were at a decent pace). I took 3 parade laps myself (Got the course down early).

If your in, We'll be camping overnight(The 25th, the race is the 26th). I'll leave straight from a race I have the day before (Colin will be riding along with me). Ne0z will 90% be camping too.

Here's the campground:

Fenced in area (but not locked gate so you can come and go as you please). The track is just a few hundred feet away :)

Some pics of the track:
Short track
Corner Two (after looping through the short track)
Back Straight

*edit* It sounds as if we may have some Non-TNers there. A Supra Turbo(Ne0z31's friend) and a 3000GT(Ne0z31's g/f). Hopefully they can make it. Thanks for the info bro :)
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Dont suppose my Camry can act as a tent as well? lol ;)
Thats what backseats are for! BTW, my tent won't be there this time, so we gotta figure something else out :eek:
By the way guys, see that cone flying in the air in Colin's sig :lol: That's the track too:)

Yo Col, we can use my tent this time. Just remind me to pick it up the week of the meet.

Hey, if everyone could put a link to this thread in their signature, that would be great. I want to get the word out to as many people as possible in the time we have left. Sadly it's hard to find out who lives in the area. Thanks a lot guys.

sounds great to me. i'm up for the drive not 100% sure how long its going to take me. But i need to make some minor repairs to my car because of some incidents with Honda people. you get kicked out for being slow? :cool:
Not at all. In fact my engine is entirely stock.

Auto-x isn't about speed, it's about handling and having a smooth line. Mini's kick the crap out of vettes.

I'd be glad to have you on board. You in?

*side note* In your sig... the forum doesn't allow html. you have to use BBC code. Use *text goes here* [/url (plus add one last bracket on the end of the /url )
yeah, i'm 95% in. i won't know until about 10 days before for sure, though.

oh, and thanks. i figured that out when it didn't work. :D
Oh, and everyone will need a Certified Helmet. If you dont have one, you can pick one up at To tell you the truth, although they look dumb, the best helmet to have is the Bell with the fully open face. It gives you the best vision out of any of them.

If you don't have the money to order one, that's cool too. They have loaner helmets there that you can use. They have about 5 of them. So you just have to put it back after each run, and grab one right before your next :)
Snell 95 or higher I believe is the requirment.
so whoos kinda close to duluth who can lead the way for me is their any meeting spots maby in st paul last meet i was at for MNSC they had their meet at plymouth creek i could probly meet sumone their if possible and drive on from their is this only a race or is their gunna be like a car show/swap meet type thing goen on as well ?? let me know if anyone can do that for me i will be in school but i see its on a weekend heh so prolly be able to make it
Mike (SmokingTires) is in St. Paul, and he's going to pick me up in Minneapolis and we're heading down. I'm sure you could meet up with him in St. Paul somewhere and join us. It's only a race, but it'll be a good time no matter what, especially if we're camping Saturday night.

Attendance list so far:

1. SmokingTiresV6
2. Siver_Cartel
3. Ne0z31 (& co.)
4. bowlofturtle
5. Speshull Droo (95%)
6. 89yotarollagts
SmokingTiresV6 said:
By the way guys, see that cone flying in the air in Colin's sig :lol: That's the track too:)
Actually no... thats not the track. Sorry bud. And that cone? He deserved it.
Let's try and avoid whoring this thread guys. Only post if your adding other information. Otherwise it confused the people from other forums looking on :)

(Please delete your posts)
yeah, i will definately have to rent/borrow a sweat bucket, got a few more important things to spend my money on, anywhere cheaper i cant get them? and to Moto-X helmets work?
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