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Min spacer size for rear?

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What's the minimum spacer size available for the rear? The smalles size I can find is 1", but I'd like to go with 3/4" or even 1/2" if something like that was available. Is it?

Thanks for replying!
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Are you getting matching spacers for the front? If not, why are you only getting spacers for the rear and why < 1"?
Are you getting matching spacers for the front? If not, why are you only getting spacers for the rear and why < 1"?
With the 5100's in the front set @ 1.75" and the leaf TSB already done, my truck looks perfectly level (even though measurements say the rear is 1/2" higher). But I do like a little bit of a stance (the rear slightly higher), plus I tow a trailer while having a good load in the bed frequently (camping). So it's going to look funny then (nose up). But I also do not want to get into rear end vibration issues, so it seems like 3/4" or 1/2" may be perfect?
Nobody else? So I assume what I am looking for does not exist?
The blocks can be made real easy whether 1/2" or 3/4". All you need is some plate that thickness and make it the width of your springs and the length of the spring perches on your axle; drill a 10 mm hole thru the center and use a longer centering pin. You might have to have longer u-bolts. There's not much difference in doing it this way vs adding degree shims. See how much extra length you have on your u-bolts and figure what thickness you want and I'll make you a set. Just can't help you on the centering pins or u-bolts. PM me.

check out backcountry binders over by the horse & cow. They do a lot of custom fab work and I've heard good things. I haven't talked to them, but I plan on calling soon to see if they can weld some rocksliders on.
here's the link:
how many miles do you have on you tsb springs? if not many, you may want to consider waiting and seeing if they settle, then get a 1" if they do-which they should.
Thanks guys, especially mt1961 for the offer to help! I am still debating of what to do here .... maybe 1" will work fine? The spacers from Toytec, do they come with removable centering pins or are these pins attached to the spacers?

And have people had rear vibrations from just adding 1" spacers? 6shooter, I was one of the first to get the TSB done, right after it came out in the US. It was sometime in August of last year, and I have hauled a lot of load since. So yes, they have settled, I think it's now almost back to stock (too bad I did not keep the measurements).
The pins are attached to the spacers you get from Toytec. I have the same setup you're going for, except my fronts are set at 2.5". I have the TSB in the rear with 1" blocks. It looks pretty level and measurements show the back 1/2" higher.

As far as vibes go, I had a slight shudder with just the TSB springs. When I added the 1" block it got worse. I tried the carrier bearing drop and axle shims...didn't help. Finally got a Tom Woods 1-piece driveshaft and cured that problem. No more takeoff shudder.
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