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mini mod

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i just did the k&n/removal of intake resonator mod...

takes about 15 minutes, and will add more enjoyment into your life and camry (not much though)...sounds a bit richer and spreads the power band out. So if youre planning on it, giv'er, its the closest thing to getting laid for you tonight.
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eh, I did it and it gave a bit of an increase in performance.

Most of your gains were likely from the filter...
yeah, i got rid of the upper resonator on my 1mz, looked so stupid, this big black box just sittin there... lol, i took a spray paint can, took the black cover of it, and it made a perfect cap...
How do i remove the resonator on a '93 camry
i think there is a thread about that....just do a search
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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