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Minnesota Meet?

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Any of you Minnesota guys interested in possibly meeting up either the night of June 24th or sometime on Friday the 25th? I'm going to be in the Twin Cities from the 23-25 for orientation at the University, and thought it would be a good time to get to know the area/scene and meet some of you guys.
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There are only like 4 minnesota members...Edit: only 4 camry drivers in MN but im not sure about other cars..
Smoking tires,
Me (i cant even drive....)
MY friend who can't drive yet either (he's gonna do Drivers ed first quarter of next year i think)
And this one guy who was doing something for his wife but i haven't seen him since...
Yea I know... you think it's easy for me finding people around here? I figured you guys could all drive. Guess I'll just have to talk to SmokingTires...
Yeh, theres a TON of camrys on my friends block. They're like 4-5 he said but none of them mod it.

For some reason there seems to be TONS of toyota's in MN but a lack of modders/ members. My friend said they'res like 20 proteges here in MN but we only have a few....
Sometimes makes me wanna go to canada, Tons of members here are candian and they have tons of meets....
Maybe contact gairloch, Hes not as active as smoking but hes also from MN...
Now I don't even know if I'll be there on that Friday night.... :confused: We were gonna stay an extra day so my mom could take care of some business, but I guess she's doing it on Tuesday, so we'll just be up Tues-Thurs... unless you guys have a bustling mid-week late night scene, I don't think it'd be that great.
Oh yah, I'll be gone too lol. Im going to China.

I dont want to speak for smoking but he may have time. Hes still in High School and by the time u come around he'll be out of school.
Whoa! I didn't see this earlier! Man, we need a meet up here.

Well I work 3pm-11pm (or later) mon-fri. I might be able to work it in.

Yeah, I stay out of the "scene" here for the most part. All the cars that like to race are people with really minor mods who think they are racers.
NOOOO!!! Don't let this die!!!!

I'm lonely:(
Hey, Minnesota guy right here from Burnsville! a meet would be awsome, we need more MN pplz
We never really got a meet going. Colin (Siver_Cartel) and I met up once. But there are only a few people from MN who can ever drive. And I think 2 of them drive trucks.
i would go but its a tad far from chicago. not that far but still a tad far.
There is going to be an Auto-x this Sunday in La Crosse if you are interested. I know bowlofturtle is already out. I'm planning on going either way. It's about a 3 hour drive. Well worth it though.
Where is La Crosse? Im going to chicago and maybe i can get my dad to take a pit stop in la crosse?
CamNub said:
Where is La Crosse? Im going to chicago and maybe i can get my dad to take a pit stop in la crosse?
It's near the south/east corner of MN across the boarder in WI. About 3 hours from St. Paul. I don't think you would be able to make the stop over. You would have to be there by 10:30am for check-in and tech. Actually, your not even old enough to be in the pit:lol: Sorry bro.

But Ne0z31, if your interested, I am leaving at 6am. Trust me, it's worth the drive. If you haven't done an Auto-x before, you have no idea what your missing! It's the sweetest shit ever.

PM me as soon as you can about it.
Yeah, from the stands. If you really want. Runs start at 11am and go through 4pm give or take.

If you really want to watch you can. I don't know how worth it it would be for you if it was out of your way.
If its on the way or something maybe i'll see if i can swing by.
Hey, smokin, you are well versed in the majority of camry engines ect right? think you could take a look at mine and help me figure out why im having my power issues? or if im just delusional and its supposed to be this slow?
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