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Missfire Fixed!

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Well guys the moral of the story is don't buy cheap plug wires!!!

It finally warmed up enough to throw the old ones back in, and guess what? The miss is gone! I had them in for about 2.5 months, and the miss got progressively worse. It wasn't there for the first little while, and believe me they all were connected just fine.

Don't cheap out!!!!!!!
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were they autolites?

Some other brand, and I would have to look it up. Cheap stuff.
oh...I use NGK...don't use cheap shit!
Maybe just buy OEM.
Maybe just buy OEM.
Toyota OEM spark plug wires are made by NipponDenso (now called Denso) and Yazaki,but NGK are highly recommended too.All three are available from aftermarket:

Available at: (use coupon code "dodgetalk" to get extra 10% off)

And these Toyota dealerships have the best prices in the USA & whole world: (1-866-221-4696) (10% shipping by Fed Ex or free shipping with $100 & over speak to Roger at 1-888-271-3948) (free shipping with $100 & up) (part # lookup)

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