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Hey folks.

My friends wife blew up her '98 Caldina (head gasket failure) a few months ago, so he said I could take it if I wanted it. I've always thought these are good looking wagons, so I thought I'd fix it up for myself to use as a runabout. It turned out the engine was not usable, so I went to the local junkyard and pulled a 3SFE engine out of a '97 ST202 Celica as that was the closest thing I could find.

I got the motor in, but the check engine light is on, it has two extra plugs on the Caldina wiring loom, the idle is a bit lumpy when I'm using aircon, and I think it's down on power (it feels gutless, but I'm not sure if that's just how they are as I haven't had a little four banger in a long time).

I've attached a pic of the extra plugs.

Has anyone got any idea what they are?

Thanks in advance!


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