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Mississauga: Toyota/Corolla Mini-Meet - Friday, July 23/04

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hey all, everyone and anyone is invited! it's just a mini-meet in the westend before the big +20 people paintball meet in Wasaga the day after :cool:

details here:
and here:
Louis said:
Alright here is the update...

scheduled for Friday, July 23rd...(thats THIS friday)

Meeting place is at Krispy Kream Donut shop in the heartland center on mavis/britannia. This will be at 6PM!

When we are ready, we will convoy down eglinton until we reach Plant Bowl...

Here is where we show off our bowling skills for the night...

Updated List...

2.Rated W
3.Louis' friend (with an '05)
9. Louis' friend (with an '03)
10. Dark Serphen "S"
11. TRD_kid (maybe)
12. bzride - CC decals for SALE!
13. <-- oh luky 13 --> fatredcircle aka anawrxic
14. Matt
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