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Mixing Engine Coolant?

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Well about 2 months ago I had the water pump replaced by the dealership, and noticed yesterday that the tank was below the fill mark (stupid dealership didn't even fill up the tank the whole way...only paid them an arm and a leg and then some for the work :thumbsdow).

Anyway, to the point, they used the "official" Toyota super long life coolant. Can that be mixed with any long life coolant I can get at Walmart/Autozone or do I need to only put in the Toyota stuff since that is what is in there already.
In the past (on another vehicle) I always just mixed them (though that thing leaked coolant from the radiator like a faucet, so it never stayed in long), not really caring if it was wrong, but with the Highlander I want to make sure I'm not going to mess something up.

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If it were me I would stay with the Toyota super Long Life coolant. I know it is more expensive than other brands sold at AutoZone etc. but why take the chance. A gal. of Super Long Life coolant, premixed, is about $20.00 at a Toyota dealer. I am not sure what would happen if using another brand but for the small difference in price I would stick with the oem coolant.
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Do not mix LLC with SLLC. Someone recently said there now is another SLLC on the market, but I have no idea if it's compatible.
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well shoot, was hoping to pick one up today and get this done.

Thanks guys, I'll pick up a container of the toyota coolant at the dealership tomorrow.
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