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i just put up my 85 mr2 for sale and i was wondering how i did. i want to get some responses before i release how much i sold it for. i still have the car so no worries. here is some info plz judge it like you were going to buy the car and were about to make an offer. 85 mr2. has the sun roof option. drivers front fender crushed, rust behind both wheels (common problem) no exhaust, no drivers window, dent on rear quarter panel, but it has a new clutch, throw out bearing, oil pan gasket, 85% tires all the way around. it sounds like alot wrong but not to bad. like everything is easily repairable and not to expensive. plz give me your opinions on how much the car would be worth. in your opinion

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maybe 8-900.00 With all the body damage and the fact that I can get another one with no body damage, replace the entire clutch assembly, and purchase it with the sunroof option for like 1500.00 - 2,000.00 I would say that to be fair... 800.00 to 900.00

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No offence, but i've bought 4 MR2s in better shape cheaper.

I picked up an 89 that needed a tranny... but otherwise was fine for $250

I picked up a 89 supercharged with rear end damage but otherwise fine for $400

86 mint shape but sitting for $300

85 rusty but driveable for $250

...maybe it's my location... I dunno. If you sold it for $800 or so, congrats!!
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