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MK2 guys - is this a good buy?

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MK2 - Is this a good buy??
I had the chance to see a 91 MK2 N/A with 200+ miles on odometer selling for $4,500 USD ($5,500 CDN). Seller said engine was rebuilt not too long ago....but NO receipts.

Is this a good buy? I have the $$$ ready.

It was a US car so, it needs paperworks...haven't pass the Out of Province inspection...does it also need a Federal inspection?

Also, it needs body repainting..missing some interior panels.

Quoting seller:
List of mods:
-Aftermarket springs lowers the car approx 2-2¼"
-new sensatracs all the way around (bout 600km on them)
-94+ tail lights
-16x7/8 Enkei rims
-205/55 and 215/50 tires
-garage Fukui engine cover
-Veilside rear bumper
-new driveshafts and wheels bearings (2000k)
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I'd say be very careful of the fact that he has no receipts for the engine rebuild. It might have been rebuilt, but who knows if it was by somebody qualified or just him and his buddy.
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