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MK2 - Is this a good buy??
I had the chance to see a 91 MK2 N/A with 200+ miles on odometer selling for $4,500 USD ($5,500 CDN). Seller said engine was rebuilt not too long ago....but NO receipts.

Is this a good buy? I have the $$$ ready.

It was a US car so, it needs paperworks...haven't pass the Out of Province inspection...does it also need a Federal inspection?

Also, it needs body repainting..missing some interior panels.

Quoting seller:
List of mods:
-Aftermarket springs lowers the car approx 2-2¼"
-new sensatracs all the way around (bout 600km on them)
-94+ tail lights
-16x7/8 Enkei rims
-205/55 and 215/50 tires
-garage Fukui engine cover
-Veilside rear bumper
-new driveshafts and wheels bearings (2000k)
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