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MK3: electric fan kit vs. flex fan kit

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Hi all, I'm new to this site and need some advice. I am planning on getting rid of the clutch fan and putting in either a dual Flexalite electric fan kit or a Flex fan with adaptor which just basically replaces the clutch fan but is lighter, doesn't need the clutch to run it, and runs at real time (commonly found on domestics). The cons of the electric fan kit is the price and the durability of the motor, especialy if I hook it up to run full-time, logic tells me eventually it will blow (small motor). The cons of the Flex fan are that it only covers one side of the radiator, still uses the water pump to run it (which might wear out my water pump prematurely), and since it still uses a pulley to run might rob me of some horses. I just want to get some feedback, advice, pros and cons, and experiences???
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1) e-fans sometimes work, other times not. Depends on a lot of things, but a perfect cooling system is the start.

2) flex fans aren't lighter than stock plastics. No one that has tried them kept them to give you an idea how well they work.

3) most flex fan arrangements still work best with a clutch. Even the domestic guys generally keep them, that and they put the fan the correct distance from the rad, which is important to correct airflow.
I wasn't trying to upgrade my cooling system, I was just looking for a way to get rid of the stock pulley unit so I can get a little bit more horsepower and also help to neutralize the temp. I am leaning more towards the e-fans, can you explain why they wouldn't work to keep temp. down (everything on my car is in perfect working order: thermostat, hoses, radiator, etc...)???
yea i had been tryin to figure tht out. i heard from different ppl tht they dont cool properly and can case over heating. then some have told me they have no problems
Run them normally on the street and perhaps 80% are alright. See track time or push it frequently, and watch the gauge climb. No efan setup works overly well on our cars. If proof is required, look at MKIV owners who race the cars. Everyone that ever went efan switched back after ONE day.
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