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mk3 problems

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My uncle decided to pass his supra turbo down to me but the only thing wrong with it is that it doesn't start. Should I just replace the altenater and wires? can you give me some advice?

PS stopped working on the cressida, got the supra throughout this week.
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I would diagnose the problem before I started replacing parts left and right.
Doesn't start is incredibly vague. Does it crank? Does it have fuel? Spark?
nope none of that could it be something internal?
You're not helping us. If you can't give us more details we can't help you.
sorry about that, when I turn the ignition their's no spark or any knocking noise. Just the lights go on when I try to start it.
There we go.

Things to check, in this order:
1) Battery has proper voltage. At below a certain level you won't even get the distinctive "click click click click" of a dead batter. It'll just turn off the interior lights.

2) If you are positive that your battery is fine. Turn off the ignition. Close all the car doors. Then with the Key, turn the door lock to the left (to lock it). Check to make sure it locked. Then unlock the door, WITH THE KEY, and try the ignition again.

No sounds at all is distinctive of the Stock Alarm System's ignition kill feature.

3) Hmm... I've got a few other ideas.
Our stock alarm began to go off without provocation so we disabled it...can't remember how as that was a really long time ago.
Hmm... makes me hope nothing is wrong with yours because if thats the problem then mine might be screwed too because mine had an after market door unlock that I pulled out... :(
well if u want to try to reset the stock alarm system here is how on my 89

1) open the driver door, and then lock both doors with the lock button
2) shut the door(make sure u have the keys :])
3) walk over to the passanger door and unlock the car manually

and if that works then ur good to go, if not.... well good luck :]
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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