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mkI mods

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I have an 85 N/A and holy crap, i can hardly find any mods for it. The stock hp, is just not quite enough. I don't have a whole lot of engine knowledge, such as cams and timing and all that, but bolt on items i can do. I found 1 exhaust, 1 body kit, 1 style if aftermarket air intake, and it's not even a forced air intake. I am wondering if there is someway to modify my stock air intake, without jerry rigging it too much. If anybody has an idea what i can do to add 20 hp or more, without too much $$ i'd appreciate it. I bought the hks sport exhaust, which will be going on in a few weeks, along with taking off my rusty old cat, in exchange for steel piping. Next step is sway bars, shocks, springs, and assorted suspension upgrades, but a little bit of extra horesepower, would definitely please me. Please help
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