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MKII MR2 performance

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does any one know the performance specs for the 2nd Gen N/A MR2? like 0-60, top speed? and whats a good way to raise the horsepower up to around 200BHP? Thanks
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Here... have a rough estimate :D
1991 Toyota MR2 NA
Transmission - 5-speed Manual
Theoretical Top Speed - 123 mph

0-30 mph - 2.30 s
0-40 mph - 4.10 s
0-50 mph - 5.70 s
0-60 mph - 8.22 s
0-70 mph - 10.70 s
0-80 mph - 14.20 s
0-90 mph - 18.10 s
0-100 mph - 23.90 s

100 ft - 3.20 s
500 ft - 8.70 s
1320 ft (1/4 mile) - 16.20 s @ 85.5 mph

Best way to reach that 200rwhp is to swap out the 5sfe for a 3sgte. By the time you build your 5sfe up to that, it would have just been cheaper to buy a turbo... or do the swap.
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aright thanks. How much horsepower would an Intake and exhaust give me. and does the Blitz Nur Spec fit non turbo?
By the time the hp gets to the wheels, intake and exhaust don't add very many horses. I don't THINK the Nur Spec fits the NA... and if it did I think it might be a little too much for the NA unless you are really pushing some power.
ok, thanks. do u have any recomendations for adding any horsepower without adding a turbocharger or doin a swap?
aright i have even more questions.... the engine TOMS ducts, those fit on N/A and turbo right. and is there an exhaust for under $750 dual or single for the N/A that has a nice throaty sound to it?
The TOM's scoops will fit NA or Turbo. As for exhausts.... read this
aright thanks man, that help a lot
one more thing, the remus exhaust fits the 2nd Gen N/A MR2, but where can i buy it?
wow, thanks man that helps a lot
sorry one more thing. the remus is a dual exhaust right?
^ I have no idea. From the sounds of that original article it seems like a single. If you want a dual that fits a NA you can go with the Greddy SP. Thats what I have on my MR2T... it's not loud at all though.
yea i would like somethin a little louder, and with like a deep throaty sound at low RPM's, so i dunno i gotta do some more research
quit trying to be a honda boy...why louder? you're going to all bark and no bite...
^ Didn't wanna be a prick.... but was thinking the same thing. To each their own though.
There has never been a 5SFE (your engine) documented above 150rwhp.

Toms scoops do NOT give any performance gains whatsoever. In fact, because forcing air into the engine bay from the top disturbs air flow, you hurt cooling performance. (natural MR2 airflow sucks air from under the car into the bay).

Good luck and enjoy your MR2!
Not enough backflow can ruin your hp and big exhaust can mean more weight. Man just sell the mr2 to someone that can care of it and get a civic.
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