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MKII Turbo Idles funny...need help

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Alright, '91 Turbo with and aftermarket K&N Filter. The car was running great, but recently it seems to idle around 900 rpm and drop out and almost stall about every 30 seconds. I have a air/fuel mix gauge that seems to go to zero every time it the rpm's drop. If anybody has any idea what i can do to fix this, that would be great!
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are u getting any check engine lights??....did u do anything to the car recently??...installed anything new??..changed any parts??....
No check engine lights of any kind. We've done nothing to the car to effect the engine. Only thing installed where new brakes and rotors. the one thing we did do to try and solve the problem was clean out the throttle body. Now, it was really dirty and we got it really clean...but it only seemed to work for a little bit and then went back to the same problem.
If it is idling out to a stall, chances are you have a big vac leak somewhere.

I would first check all of your hoses around your throttle body since you touched that last.

I would then check your BOV, if you installed an aftermarket one.
They are known for causing this problem.
well, the car isn't idling to a stall, b ut just rough. and it was doing this before we touched the throttle body. we also haven't installed any aftermarket BOV so it wouldn't be that. Is it possible that it could be something witht the air fuel mixture?
The only mods on the car is the K&N air filter?

When you installed the filter, did you touch the 2 screws on the AFM? If you undid those screws, you damaged the AFM and it would cause the problems you are talking about.

The proper way to take the big wire off of the AFM is the thin C-clip surrounding the wire connection, not those 2 screws.
Many MR2 owners have damaged the AFM by touching those screws.

I hope you did not. :(
The car had the aftermarket filter already installed when the car was purchased. It had no problems idling for about 4-5 months and then just recently it started acting up. It could be possible that it was installed wrong, and just now started causing a problem. How would I be able to tell whether or not those screws are the problem?
If it were those screws, it would happen immediately.
It would never have run right after the screws were loosened.

Did this problem start right after your brake work?
Or was it okay after the brake work and then started?
It started happening before we did anything to the brakes.
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