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moaning sound from steering

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OK, I've got an '02 Camry, and in the last couple of days, it's started making a moaning sound when I turn the wheel. Not all the time, but it's getting progressively worse. I tried a search, and could find nothing on it. Any ideas? It's got 63000 miles.
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check the power sterring fluid first off. If it is cold in yor area that can cause more noises since it takes a little longer for fluids to warm up and circulate.
Yeah, I forgot to mention, this happens when the car is completely warmed up. Yesterday, it didn't start until I'd already driven over 150 miles.
Does it sound like it is comming from right behind the steering wheel??

behind there are several plastic trim pieces, a dust shield etc that covers a brass contact plate for the electronics in the steering wheel.

Silicone grease would be fine as well a dab of white lithium grease.

Less is more. I rubbed some 'gummi pflege' rubber protectant on the dust shield (non silicone rubber preservative grease) with a Qtip and the noise was gone.
You know mine has been making those noises too recently. But i believe it fades as it gets warmed up, but not always.

When its cold it sounds like its from both inside and outside the cabin. Upon being warmed up it just sounds like the steeringwheel (only if you steer sort of fast....aka...parking).

So would you have to take off the steering wheel assembly to get to those parts to grease?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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