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Mod all at once or in stages

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I am adding a pair of 5100's to the front of an 07 @ 2.5, Ride Rite airbags for the rear, and a Toytec diff drop. I'm also getting new wheels/tires which I haven't decided on yet.

Should I do the suspension first to make sure there is no vibes etc? and then add the new wheels/tires? I am just thinking ahead where if there is a problem when all said and done, then it may be easier to track any problems if I don't do it all at once...or does it matter?

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It seems like everything you're doing can be traced back pretty easy. If these trucks vibrate, it's because of a lift that's been installed. Period. Just make sure you get the tires balanced by someone who knows what they're doing and you should be fine.
Depending on what wheel/tire combo you get, and if you do the lift and wheels/tires at different times, it might be better to do the lift first that way you have less rubbing to deal with (if any). That's what I would do anyways.
Thanks for the replies. Not sure the wheel/tire combo, but I am pretty sure 265/70r/17's will be the size.
I rode around with 5100's @ 2.5 and 2" AAL's for about 3 months before I put wheels and tires on. Tbh I didn't think it looked too bad. Also, I would say do mods little by little. It's more satisfying. If you do everything at once, a few months down the road you get bored of it, and want to do something new anyway.

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