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Module missing behind driver's side rear seat?

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Just purchased 2002 tacoma 2wd TRD 4 door w/ ABS, power windows and locks, cruise and auto trans. with diff lock. Upon inspection behind the drivers side rear seat I noticed a bracket mounted on the rear cab and a pin plug connector extending out of the carpet at the bracket. However their is no module mounted in the bracket??? Is something missing... some electrical component? THIS SEAMS TO BE WELL BUILT TRUCK (First Toyota)
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I believe that is the controller for trailer lights. I don't have one in my truck either.

Thanks for the reply
Yes - I believe that bracket / plug was a factory 'stub' for installation of the optional Tow Package. In general, Toyota has a habit of minimizing the number of different wiring harnesses they use in Tacomas. As a result, they usually wired the Tacos for all possible accessories, etc., even if they weren't included in that particular truck.
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