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Moon roof= no roof racks?

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I'm a new owner of a '96 LE with the moonroofs, and I'm wondering if I can also outfit the roofracks on it-

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I fittted one. Bought two crossbars for a chevy suburban on ebay and had aluminum legs made for it. Requires a little effort but doable. I got pictures but I don't know how to post it here..
That's a stylin vehicle!!! Love the burgundy, and the rims look good.

Could you do a photo close up of where these racks actually interface with the roof? That'd be cool-

Thanks, bro. Unfortunately, Vincent the van was kissed by a Jeep Grand Cherookee on the highway last weekend at hi speeds, leaving an unsightly hickee on the front driver side. I'll def take pictures after the needed facelift. For the roofrack, you can start searching for a roofrack crossbar thats long enough to go accross the roof. Again, I got a pair for a suburban cheap on ebay. BTW, I bought Vincent the van at ebay, too. I need to find the other parts, take pix and post them. Bear w/ me and just keep checking this post and I'll do what I can to help. Unfortunately work gets in the way and I can now see my boss approaching. L8trs....
According to the manuals there is a Toyota OEM roof rack for the egg with dual moonroofs, although I have never seen one personally - I am keeping an eye out for one myself. There is also a factory center console cooler that works off the AC system I really want!
the hot and cold box is awesome! i want one too!
A'right, here's a sequence for that roofrack. The aluminum leg (2nd pic) was machined by a friend and i did my best, amateur way to label it w/ this here pc program. I then shaped it a bit to my liking and painted it black. Finally, I fabricated a rubber piece ( lifted by hand on pic 3) to cover the screws. I used the bolts and other mounting pieces that came w/ the cross bar to bolt secure it on the leg. It should be straight forward and easy to figure out. Also attached, is a pic of the stock roofrack (silver previa) for dual sunroof model that I've been trying to find on-line. A collective search might give us better luck. Please let me know if anyone of you find one for sale.

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Hey, I know that THULE makes or made a roof rack with fit kit for the sunroof equipped Previas- which was good for up to 165 lbs. Check their website. I'm not sure if they still make them but I believe that they do. Also, consider looking on e-bay for roof rack systems. There are very few small companies that might make racks for moonroof-equipped Previas, but THULE is he only big name brand that does. On another note, OEM aftermarket racks are a rip off. They are usually left over stock from big name companieslike THULE, YAKIMA, SARIS,TERZO, etc. When those companies redesign thir equipment, they sell their left over old stock to auto manufacturers many times. The manufacturers, put their names on them and sell them as OEM parts (Ford, Honda, GM, Toyota, GM, Isuzu, VW, BMW, Audi, Dodge, and Nissan come to mind.)

Also, about the Hot/Cool Box- been looking for one for a couple of years now. I've never seen one on a US-spec Previa but the Canadians have them. According to my sources at Toyota, it was never offered here in the US. I want one and I asked a few dealers about them. They told me that if I did get one, I'd have to get the pipng as well and who knows what type of condition the piping will be in on a Canadian donor Previa. Canadian models tend to have rust and the labor to install them isn't cheap- unless you do it yourself. I've also been told that it drains quite a bit of power also. I don't believe all of this being that I used to own an '89 Toyota LE Van with dual sunroofs that had the icemaker/refrigerator- which is pretty much the same as the Cool Box. It worked like a charm and it didn't seem to drain any more power than it already did with the A/C on. In fact, living here in So. California alone should've warranted offering this feature. Toyota, there is a market for the Cool Box here in the States. Are you listening?
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Thanks for the link to this thread. I'll be looking for cross bars to use to mount my canoe. With the moon roof I'll have access inside the canoe for extra storage, should be sweet. I'll be checking to see if I can use tubing for the cross bars and mount a small veranda cover, getting in and out of the side door during the monsoons here is bit of a tough dive.
....i got the crossbars on ebay. 'working on awnings for the sliding door and the back-hatch myself. 'will post pictures......
moon roof racks - bolts are hard to find

I love the photos of the rack especially the brackets. HOWEVER, I cannot find the bolts that attach the rack into the roof. Toyota has them discontinued. As best as I can tell they are metric 5 mm x .75 pitch by 10 mm long. Where did you find those cap screws???

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