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moonroof on Solara

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simple quick question. when people get into my camry and see my moonroof its pretty big to them compared to their cars IE intergra, civics and what not. I think its pretty decent size but nothing compare to high end cars. But how big are the Solara's moonroofs compare to a camry? would they be excatly the same or a little more compacted due to the fact that its a coupe. Also if you can compare it to a gen3 cam that would be great as well :D
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hmmm i actually thought the solara had a bigger moonroof. i dunno, my uncle's gen3 has a pretty good sized one, but i am not too certain of solara in comparison.
My gen 3.5 has a very generous moonroof, about the same size as my dad's 2000 ES300's moonroof. I would just assume that the solara being based on the camry, they (the moonroof) would be the same size, coupe or not.
see that was what i was assume camry's are solara's but then its a coupe i personally thing coupes NORMALLY have small moonroofs then sedan's but then again coupes have a bigger front space. I've seen many soralas but never actually sat in one with the roof open. Many moonroofs look huge from the outside but on the inside it doesn't. i personally love the size on my gen3.5
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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