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more horses

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I have a '05 matrix xrs with cai,tanabe catback and 2.5 inch custom exh. I hoping someone out there has some info on what can be done to squeeze some more horses out of the 2zz. And can someone please tell me why toyota would make a non-tunable car in this tuner crazed world.

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well i went to Hass Proturbo in wallingford and they r actually turboin an XRS and im gettin my car turboed mid jan
I'm gonna see how much i can get w/ all motor first. Try and port you oem header and possible bore your TB and Intake manifold(just on the TB side not the runners). Use a hi-flow cat. depending if your state allows it. To tie it all together get a Camcom to get the most out of your bolt on's.
How bout a unichip? its a bolt on mod and itll maximise your power and timing curve for the bolt ons you have. check it out on our website? not to mention if you change to other mods the maps can be reprogramed so it never becomes obsolete.|Unichip
aem alternator pulley, camcon, port intake header, throttle body, exhaust header

and if you wanna go faster but not add more hp, per se....lightweight flywheel, light rims, and shortshifter are always good options...
Thanks for the info, what kind of money and what kind of hp gain are we talking about here.
aem pulley = 1whp, 80USD

camcon = 10-12whp peak, 350USD

intake header and tb = 5hp maybe, $ depends on the shop...or diy

exhaust header = 3-5hp, $ depends on shop...or diy

us canadians are working on a lift controller....5500 is optimal so the max gain for that will about 25hp at 6400....+/-....but itll have to be tuned with the camcon
^yes, i'm still looking into getting one, maybe though. With the bolt on's listed above minus the s/s a good EMS will get the max. out of those items. And you can make a custom race header/exh. hybrid for your car as well, i'll be posting that in some time though.
he might not be able to go custom with the air injection stuff for the 04+.....unless he likes driving with a CEL
You can also add ESMM's for the manual. It doesn't add the HP, just helps put more to the wheels. Same with Cable Bushings and Base Bushings. Swap your tranny fluid and free some stuff up.
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