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Looking to add some aftermarket parts to give my TC a little more boost....considered the supercharger but dont want to spend 4k for 40 HP, just ordered a Throttle Body Spacer, dropped in a K & N, and am looking at an exhaust...initially looked at the TRD axleback.....did no want to void the warranty but foujd out the warranty should not be voided with a cat back from flowmaster? is this true? any more ideas would be great as well as ideas about the throttle body and availabe exhausts, thanks!

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Nothing will void the warrenty unless the dealer can prove it was the part that did the damage .... google the Magnuson Moss Act

I love my S/C ... I'm pushing 9.5lbs and its a blast to drive. I gave my buddies Porsche Boxster a run for its money tonight. :cool:

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I though flowmaster only made mufflers. Anyways if you want more power theres a ton of bolt ons and other mods you can do depending on how deep your pocket is
-intake manifold
-cai or sri
-throttle body
-ignition system
-greddy and turbonetics now make a turbo kit for the tc:naughty:
-cam gears
-fuel system
-any ecu piggyback unit
-clutch(needed when hp is increased significantly)
-lightweight flywheel
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