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mossy oak seat covers

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Just curious about how these fit. Does anyone have them??
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Do you mean the ones that they sell at Bass Pro or Target? Like these?

I got these for front and back. The front ones fit "alright". The backseat fits horribly. Trying to see if I can live with it. But I'll probably end up ripping them out. My OCD won't allow me to have just front seat covers knowing that the back are naked.

They sure aren't Wet Okole, but then again for $80 for both front and back, what do you expect...

If you want real pics, I'll snap some tomorrow.
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I had those on my 2000 prerunner. I didnt put them on my 07, they are actually setting in my room, dont know what to do with them.
Here's a couple of pics of how they fit in my ride...

Still debating on ripping them out...

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go to

they are expensive, but they'll fit the best and really protect the seat.
I have the fronts on mine. They are a piece of Sxxt. They ripped two week after putting them on. They are better than nothing. I'm in the process of upgrading when I find a reasonable price camo seat cover.
has anyone seen browning seat covers (are they neoprene)? i saw them one time on another tacoma at a stop light and they looked awesome. I have browning floor mats so i would like them to match kinda, dont really care that much.
I purchased a custom set from GT Covers. The fit and look is great. You can also pick and choose your color and design. Here's the web link:
Those don't fit very well.
Get into the wet okole group buy that's going on right now or get a set of coverkings (I got them, they fit awesome, cost a little less than WO's, but don't offer as many options - like piping & graphics).
I dont want to spend 200 + bucks on seat covers. That money can be better spend in my opinion. now WO look bad ass but i still would rather spend it on something else.
seat covers

need to check out Sportsman Camo Covers in Ecru Mississippi. They are great. Think it is
I personally think seat covers are some of the best you can get for your vehicle. My seat covers are all stained. I think that spending $300 on seat covers makes more sense than buying some aluminum side steps or a useless, ugly bullbar. :lol:
wrong address for Sportsman Camo Covers

Correct web address is I would call as the website hard to check. The people at the shop know what you need.
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