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Motor 2C-E to 2C-TE

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I need some help, for mounting a turbo in my Corolla 2000 D.
The engine is a 2C-E, can I mount a turbo of 2C-TE on it?
(I think so...but...) If someone know how or I can get one of this turbo code and model..
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I'm not familiar with that engine. But if it's a toyota engine then the blocks should be the same and the turbo mainfold from the turbo engine should bolt up to the N/A engine.

Is this an 85+ FWD Corolla with a 1.3 liter engine? maybe it's a 2E-E:
Yes, you can put the 2C-TE turbo on your 2C-E. I didn't realise the Corolla ever got the direct injection 2C-E... always thought it only got the 2C, then the 1WZ (1.9D) and the 1CD-FTV (2.0 D-4D common rail)... As I recall, the late Carina E Turbo Diesel had the 2C-TE, but that could have been just a 2C-T. I know for sure that pre-D-4D Avensis models had the 2C-TE. Another option, if you have the money, is to swap in the 3C-TE (2.2 turbodiesel) from a Picnic...

Oh, the possibilities.... I've always wanted a diesel Corolla, but getting one here would be highly cost prohibitive.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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