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Motor is gone.

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Hey guys, bad day :disappoin My motor blew on the way to school today. Had a bad oil leak that had previously damaged some kind of support due to lack of oil. Took it to the mechanic he said didnt know how long it would last and filled it with oil. Engine took a galiant death with clanking and smoke earlier. For those of you who know me from a while bag this is already engine number two on this car. Debating on what i should do as funds are low from the new camry purchase. I remember seeing a write up on a 5sfe to 1mzfe swap, with like an entire subframe swap but i searched and was unable to find anything. If somone could provide the link..or insight that would be great thanks.
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just get a 1mzfe front clip and swap them by taking them out with the whole subframe. That makes it far easier. PM adam and Gino aka ASG or 2wickdtoyz
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