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I have a 2017 Camry Hybrid XLE and installed a 360 degree camera system. I know I can use the built-in entune monitor but I would like to install a second HD monitor on the dashboard somewhere. The problem is there aren't that many locations to mount anything.

Some possibilities, marked on the attached photo, are on the top of the passenger's side, above the center vents, or on the right next to the steering wheel, slightly blocking the vent. Due to the brightness of the screen, I wanted to avoid putting it on the top of the dashboard, so the right of the dashboard was my first choice. I made a flexible mount (picture attached) so I could move it around but it doesn't work well with a single attachment point; it rotates too easily on the mount unless it is perfectly level.

I would really like to put it above the glove compartment but that would interfere with the air bag.

Does anyone have any suggestions that might work?


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They make a cup holder flex arm. It was strong enough for a Garmin 7" GPS.

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