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mounting grills on

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hey guys i finally got me a sheet of mesh. Now i need some pictures on how you guys mounted on the grills. on the upper and lower portions of the gen3's

I've searched and stuff but there aren't many pictures of it. i kinda want to see from like a bird's eye view with the hood open how it was mounted that way. For the lower bumper i assume with little garbage ties would do.

thanks guys.
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i'm sure someone has to have pictures of how they mounted if not. can someone go out and take some for me please :D
Zip-ties. Ill try to post some pics tommarow.
Or Ive heard liquid nails works better than zip ties.
i put a piece of mesh in my front grille. all i did was take out the stock grill, molded the mesh in the same shape and the screws holding the original piece i used them to screw it in. as far as the lower portion small zipties.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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