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Who decides if a thread should be moved or not? I've noticed a few have been moved the last couple of days. Is there a reason why? I've seen some things moved to the "lounge." Why is the lounge any different from the forum which the thread was originally posted? If we're going to get technical of what belongs where, we should have more subforums. Such as paint, audio, engine, etc. forums. Granted there are a lot of threads that have been jacked and some have posted a lot of new ones on an old topic either using the search function or not which some have been outdated for a while, why not delete or close these altogether?
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They are generally moved at the moderator's discretion. If the thread topic pertains directly to a 2005+ Taco then it will remain in this forum, otherwise, it will be moved to the Lounge. The Lounge was originally created because the 2005+ Taco guys often started off-topic threads in this forum rather than the off-topic forum located elsewhere on TN. Some bitched that they were too lazy to post there and so they posted in this forum. The Lounge was created so that Taco owners could talk about whatever they wanted, an off-topic sub-forum for the Taco crowd.

Threads won't get deleted unless it is offensive, double posted or things of that nature. A lot of the older threads still have pertinent information that may help newer members and thus won't get deleted. BTW, this thread will be moved to the Lounge.

edit: We tried to have more sub-forums, but people resisted the change and only a few posted in the correct forum. That meant more work for mods to move threads to the correct forums, so that idea was scrapped.'
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I'll admit, for months I didn't even realize there was a Tacoma lounge :p

I rarely find myself visiting the Lounge thread, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Probably missing lots of good BS over there.
EDIT: over here
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