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Moving vehicle with drive shafts removed

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I want to move/roll a vehicle with the front drive shafts removed. The vehicle is a 91 Camry all-trac This is the warning I read in the manual.

NOTICE: The hub bearing could be damaged if it is
subjected to the vehicle weight, such as when moving
the vehicle with the drive shaft removed. Therefore, if
it is absolutely necessary to place the vehicle weight
on the hub bearing, first support it with SST..
SST09608–16041 (09608–02020,09608–02040)
Is there an suitable home made replacement for the SST one could use to prevent damage?
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can you take off the half shafts and place them in there? that's the only thing you can use aside from the SST. If not go to a wrecker and just grab that part of the drive shaft. that's you're best option

If I go to a wrecker will any gen 2 Camry front drive shaft work be it a 6cly or 4cyl or FWD?
from memory yes you can use any sv21/st162 front hub side shaft. Can some one confirm this?
from memory yes you can use any sv21/st162 front hub side shaft. Can some one confirm this?
Any 5-lug Celica and 5x100 Camry outer axle section should work.

How far are you moving the car?

I would suggest popping the axles back in the hubs and supporting them with wire/string to keep the joints reasonably straight. I know many people who have moved their cars short distances (a few feet one way or the other) without axles in place with no damage, but I wouldn't recomend it.

I am going to pull it down the road about 10 miles. What I was wondering is if the the SST was just holding the races together then I could just improvise with a couple of big bolts and washers. Looking at the pictures in the manual it appears that this is all the special tool is. I just can't see the axle hub being too weak to support the bearing without the axle inside it.
10 miles is FAR. you want that outer CV and shaft in there. even if its' cable tied in. the shaft is a splined and the SST is aswell. the reason you want something in there spline and all is to prevent the actual area distorting/collapsing. if i was you i'd rip off the outer cv and shaft. tighten up the nut and whack that lock pin in.

it's only a few mins work for what can potentially save you getting another set of hubs.
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