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MR2 3SGTE parts

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I am currently upgrading my turbo and changed the intake manifold as well, so I am selling all of my old stuff. I am not sure of how many miles anything has on it; but my car ran ran great and the turbo held 15psi
If you seen anything you like let me know-All parts from a 91T

AFM with Apexi intake and intake hose-$250Shipped
Stock Injectors-$30shipped
CT26 turbo(coolant and oil lines included if needed)-SOLD
KO racing 2.5" downpipe(doesnt interfere with WG)-$125shipped
Stock downpipe-$30shipped
Intake Manifold-$60shipped
Stock ex manifold-$35shipped
Stock TB(no throttle wheel, no IAC)-$40shipped
Stock ECU-$75shipped

I accept payment via paypal or check/MO
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Someone buy some stuff, I need to build an A2W ic
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