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I had taken down the MR2 babe pages within the last
month in expectation that someone else as going to
be uploading them and hosting them.

That never happened, so I decided to finally organize
the photos and get them back up online.

I also went through dozens of old e-mails that people
had sent me with photos for the page that I never updated.
I got those uploaded as well.

There used to be just over 200 images, now there are over 450 images!
They are also in easy to use galleries.

Sorry, but there were over 30 images that could ... uhm ... not be uploaded as they showed a lot more than skin :D I was surprised how many "adult" images people had sent me in the past. I forgot about most of them.

Please let me know if you find any broken links and yes, I know there are some duplicates. It was just too many photos to go through and I tried to eliminate the dups as I found them, but I know I missed some.

Without further adieu, the new pages are up and running here:
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