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mr2 handling?

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I was wondering how good was the handling on this 2. My fifth gen celica might not cut it with all the future mods I have planned. I like to go up the canyons and down the canyons and want to have a great performing and handling car. Above everything, i always wanted an mr2. what do you guys think i should do?
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celfatic said:
I was wondering how good was the handling on this 2.
What 2?

MR2s are great hadnling cars and if you always wanted one, why not get one if you can?
I'm pretty sure he's talking about the MKII.

As for the handing, my only experience is on the street, and it handles great, but for a more in depth and experienced answer...Jeff will take the cake with his input.
this car handles very well, but dont push it right away if you dont no what your doing. this car is spin happy. if your reaction time is slow then there is no way to recover fast enought form a spin or a slid. that rear will come out and get you. lol.. once you learn how to drive the car with that in mind then its the perfect car to drive. very rewarding if drivin right. if you mess up, look out.
The car handles well but its spin happy? I see, just need to learn the feel to the new creature. If i treat it well it will respond well for sure. I guess its time to join you guys and buy a broken down mr2, put my celica to sleep and takes its heart. ah yes, surgery will be necessary. I think it will be more painful for me though, putting it to sleep, replacing the heart with a 2.2 na motor and watch it leave into the hands of another man. Makes me sad just thinking about it. So many good memories... I have a lot of thinking to do. Is there anything else I should know? Maybe someone knows of a broken down mr2 for sale?
Check out or any other mr2 forums and this forum's for sale threads too of course.
Almost like riding on rails... Get one, you'll love it. They're a kick to drive...Especially the Turbo model..

Everyone here is very correct... The mr-2 is a very fun car to drive... it is only spin- happy because of inexperienced drivers who don't know ...(haven't learned) how to drive a mid-engine car... as far as handling, it is up there with the ferrari's, lamborghini's, and lotus's... given the age of the car.. if u put a couple of suspension mods on, u will be right up to par with all of those cars.And yes the Turbo model creates a big smile upon turning, and straight forward acceleration... This is the obvious reccomendation.... Always say to get the turbo model... it has better suspension to begin with... along with sway bars, and strut tower braces.
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