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mr2 inner shafts

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Does anyone have spare mr2 inner shafts they are willing to sale? I really need them to make my lsd tranny work. If anyone has them or knows a specific place, can you guys please let me now.
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Make sure you get turbo driveshafts, the NA version won't fit right. I believe you can get 'em through but their site seems to be down and I can't confirm. I know that ATS Racing sells reinforced driveshafts if you've got more power than stock and use your car for drag racing.
I should have a spare intermediate shaft from a turbo car. email me [email protected]
It has to be a turbo LSD car, not just a turbo car.

The inner stubs between the LSD tranny and non-LSD tranny are different.
Thats what I thought but I wasnt sure quite what he wanted.
I need the I guess the drivers side axel if you have it.
ya im also looking for some axles for my n/a 91 mr2 let me know if you guys know where i can find them new for cheap thanks

Jordan @ 410 auto wrecking
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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