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Mr2 jap spec turbo engine

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True or false Jap spec motors run a map sensor not an airflow meter and use a different ecm. I found a good deal on a jap spec motor out af alltrac celica but it uses airflow meter is it possible to be jap spec and if so what is the HP rating. Looking to put into my 91 turbo. Anyone know where to find one. Live in Toronto.

Thanks alot
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Only the 3rd gen 3sgte didn't have an AFM. The hp rating for the celicas was like 190 - 200. How much are they looking to sell it for? You might be better off getting an mr2 clip.... but you already have a turbo so you might be okay.

EDIT: Yes.. the ECU's are different.
What year of engine did your jdm come out of. I can get motor harness and ecm for $900CAD is that ok??
Its a second gen.... but if you are pulling that motor out of a celica... it wont be a direct swap. Is the motor coming with the turbo and intercooler? If so that seems like a pretty good price. I paid about $2200usd for my entire clip. If your tranny and everything is in good condition you should be okay with that.... but you might just want to spend a little extra and get a whole new setup.
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