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MR2 Spyder Window Seals & Leak Issues

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:help:My Toyota dealership is unable to order new window seal rubber for my 01' MR2 Spyder. Does anyone know of a supplier or dealership that has or can order now molding/seals? My car leaks from the top somewhere too... maybe it's from the seal for the rear window... or where the top connects to the car in the back?... I have a real leaker here!!! I'm tired of driving (and sloshing) around in a half filled bath tub here in rainy Washington state. Thanks!
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I had the same problem with my '01. The rear quarter sections where the top goes down into would get filled with pine needles and leaves.
The water would not flow out the way it was suppose to and would end up in the center console in the cup holder and 2 rear compartments.
After cleaning out the leaves, no more water.
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Leaky MR2

I cleaned out the plugged drains a while back, so the cup holder and luggage storage area does not fill up with water any more. There were all kind of things ( left from the former owner) keeping the top from folding down properly... cookies, candy, a filled water bottle, a spoon, lots of paper, leaves and debris. I still hear water sloshing around when I drive, but don't know where the water is located. Has anybody resealed a rear window? My top looks like it's in great shape, but I've heard that the seal for the rear window degenerates eventually. I'm wondering if a business that makes and repairs tops could fix the problem without replacing the whole top. Many thanks ~ Selena
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