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MR2 - Thinking of getting one

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Hi, I'm new here :)

I currently own an e36 BMW 316i coupe, and I love it. However I'm in search for a bit more power and since most of the higher powered BMWs are out of my price range or are poverty specced I am looking elsewhere. My budget is about £3k ($5500)

I have always liked the Mark II MR2, and I am now thinking of replacing my Beemer with one. I don't know too much about them though. I have read on some sites recommending I get the 1993 model onwards because of updates/revisions to the car. However I've seen quite a few nice 1992 examples and I'm wondering whether I'd have any significant trouble with these?

Could someone tell me the performance stats for the different models in the MR2 range, I'm thinking more along the lines of the GT T-bar. I have heard though that the T-Bar on MR2s often leaks in the rain, would this be a major problem, just how common a problem is it?

Also could someone tell me the name of this spoiler - And a site that would sell them along with other MR2 mods (Clear lights etc) I'm English so a site from this way would be great :rolleyes:

Any more info, warnings, things to look out for would be great.

Thanks a lot for the help :thumbup:
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that is a trd wing...u can find them used on

for clear corners and 94 tails...go to
I have recently purchased a 1993 turbo mr2 and I love it.I am a car dealer and have just about every car under the sun.Heck I just sold a 2000 M5 six months ago.It was a great car but this mr2 is just plain fun to drive.It is not quite as fast as some of the others i have had but i enjoy driving it as much as any other sports car I have owned.As for the T-bar leaking, mine leaks very minimal.Not even bad enough that it bothers me.Just keep you a towel on hand to wipe up a little when it rains.
Thanks for the replies.

I've read the MR2 has a hard ride, is this true. I plan to put 17" alloys on it, and perhaps lower it. Will this make it worse?

Also, is the MR2 tail-happy? Being mid-engined and RWD I'd hope so. :cool:
I'd say.... it's tailhappy and it's not at the same time. Once you get used to the car... you can pretty much make it do whatever you want. Just dont say you are going to "drift" it :rolleyes:
Once you learn to drive it, its not "tail happy" unless you want it to be, I like it to be, often :thumbup:
if u have bald will be really tail happy if ur heavy on the throttle....i've only spun the car once..but that was more driver error with wet tires......
Arg.... same thing.... but with bald tires :eek::
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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