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MR2 Turbo Oil Change

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I am new to repairs and maintenance. I bought an '91 MR2 Turbo, with the intention of doing my own repairs and maintenance. (decking it out, spoiler, ground effect, side air scoops....) The first thing I am doing is an oil change. I was talking to a guy at work and he said that back in the day the turbos of certain cars needed to be "bled" (or primed I guess) before restarting the car. He said that in the past a lot of turbos were damaged/burned because of dry starts.

Is this the case with the MR2 Turbo?
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priming the turbo, though it maybe a good idea it is not absolutely necessary unless the turbo was rebuilt and you're starting the engine for the first time since. i, too, have never primed my turbo after an oil change and i'm willing to bet that i'm in the majority with that.

however, just an aside, i do prime it when starting my car for the first time after storage.
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