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Well after 6 months finally got to install my MSD 6A ignition setup. Definately worth every cent. I had 3" piping on my exhuast so I lost tons on low end power, after the install felt like I gain some back, could also be a mind trip too. Pictures to come once I find my digital camera. Well first of all to clear up confusion. 92-94
Gen 3 camry has an internal coil, The 95-96 Gen 3.5 has an external coil, For Gen 3's 92-94 once up pop the dis cap off you would see a black plastic cover, take rotor off make sure not to move its position, then to the right of the distributor is a plug with a red black wire and a black wire, not sure on the color but once thing for sure is that the POWER wire is more thicker, the GROUND wire is thinner. I just unplugged the plug going to the original coil, then I followed 88LE's intructions and diagram, do a MSD INSTALLATION search to find it. If you want to use the MSD SS Blaster coil you woul dhave to modify your dis cap. You can find more about that in the search also, only problem I had was that the screw that came with the MSD post was short, so I just went to ACE hardware and found a longer, and what you know they got one exactly like that one that MSD provided but longer. and it only cost ten cents.

Special Thanks to 88LE wit the info on the install

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woody said:
plug wires
NGK wires:


Do I change that out for a newer distributor? One without the internal coil? (It is a little unclear on that). Or will using the 8.5mm wire fit into and under the cover of the existing unit? (asking before trying..)
1. Keep your existing distributor.

2. Disable the stock coil.

3. Modify the distributor cap, so that you can use a external coil.

Pics here:
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